Caroline Manzo in New Jersey

    Caroline Manzo is the epitome of a strong woman and New Jersey. Always putting the first family, she is a devoted wife and mother of three children, Albie, 25, Lauren, 23, and Christopher, 22. Caroline has been married for over 27 years to her husband, Alberto, who runs the Brownstone, a very successful catering service in Paterson, New Jersey. The business has been with the family for over 30 years and is one of the premier event spaces in the state. Although Caroline spends most of his time working from home, which recently launched a new concept, Caroline Manzo, family, faith, and charity, a collection of handbags and accessories available in the fall of 2011. Caroline is affiliated to various charities as SCTNOW, a foundation dedicated to stopping the horrific crime of child trafficking within our borders, CROC, a foundation dedicated to helping cancer survivors, Best Friends Animal Society, Rescue Ink and the Wounded Warriors Project. Often described as a Spitfire fighter, Caroline manages to have everything - family, friends and a career. In his opinion, that's what makes a "real housewife" in New Jersey.

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans finally get to see Teresa Manzo heads Giudice and Caroline stop this season 3 final night was recorded in the spring.

    In the end, Caroline Thesis discover not so kind words Teresa wrote about it in the cookbook Fabulicious. As we reported last week, Caroline and Jacqueline Laurita no longer talk to Teresa, and now we bring you the exact reasons!

    As things reached a boiling point during the fashion show two weeks ago when Posch allegedly conspired to expose Teresa Melissa Gorga as a stripper past, an insider tells RHONJ Caroline and Jacqueline had stopped talking to Teresa before that event.

    The reason? The two have had with her after seeing her true colors. "They have seen the real Teresa through this last season with Melissa. Melissa is very close with Jacqueline and Caroline," the source said.


    While Joe Gorga shouting match with Kim D. in the fashion Posch has been widely reported, our insider adds that Jacqueline and Teresa also got in a fight of the night. In fact the two best friends first be seen going into a lot of fights in the fourth season ahead, which is still filming at the moment.

    Another reason for the tension between Caroline / Jacqueline and Teresa also has to do with many business initiatives Teresa. Apparently, Teresa has stepped Jacqueline and Caroline fingers, get into business I knew we were planning to do.

    "Teresa knew what Jacqueline and Caroline were working on as far as business and Teresa went to her back and copy what they were doing .... in other words, he stole their ideas for making money," said the source. Caramba!

    Our source adds that Caroline and Jacqueline are absolutely did with Teresa! "Jacqueline and Caroline Teresa is a liar, vindictive, and therefore the fame that she did not care about anything else. Teresa is going to sabotage anyone to remain relevant."

    And while Kathy Wakil Melissa Gorga and have diplomatic ties with his recent public comments about Teresa, our insider reveals that NJ is still no friends, because none of its cast members attended the party RHONJ launch of its wine Fabellini the Friday night.

    "None of the other women, their husbands or children were present. There is a cast member was present. It burned all the bridges had," says the source. "Dina Manzo was there for less than an hour. Neither Teresa" friends "were there. It was all the family and the Bravo team."

    He also attended the brother-in-law of Teresa Giudice Pete and his wife Sheila Giudice. Bravo has been rumored that Sheila is considering for the fifth season.

    Our insider adds that Sheila, who is not a fan of Teresa, is desperate to be on the show and now has changed his team Alliance team Teresa Melissa! With reports of Caroline and Jacqueline leave the show after season 4, it will be interesting to see if Bravo decides to Sheila.

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Caroline Manzo in New Jersey

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